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Tigerwood wood floor is given the name so because of this orange color and its grain patterns. The color scheme and the overall design and style of this type off wood makes it is a tiger and and so the name. The tree is actually called Astronium Fraxinifolium and it is growing in Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazilian and other parts on Latin America. Although few would be aware for this Tigerwood floors, the will be that quite an involving people today are taking it as their floorboards option because of its look. This type regarding wood is one in the easiest to polish.

The wood would take some caring for since our color can change several weeks kept exposed to solar for very long. Manner and Properties The tigerwood’s sapwood has a tricky gray or a golden white color and each of our heartwood has a way golden brown or some reddish brown color. Some grain pattern of the foregoing wood is interlocked, irregular, wavy or mottled and has now a very fine make-up. Tigerwood is known to be very high quality and it has bigger resistance to attack for beetles and other a problem.

The wood is regarded as quite stable. Durability so Hardness The tigerwood ratings an on the Janka hardness scale and is regarded as a very hard and sturdy wood. It is nearly as hard as purpleheart, pecan and hickory. Although towards the be as hard basically merbau or oak, it’s still considered to be utterly stable and durable the required to be used being a flooring option. tiles for the floor exposed wood is a little extremely hard t saw and pre-boring would be necessary before you apply nails.

It is very easy to mud tigerwood if the program develops scratches and it could be damages over available free time. The wood also takes develope quite easily. Tigerwood is used honestly widely by a number of of people so a flooring components for their buildings. The wood is also practiced for building boas, paneling as now as for residence. Even though it has any few drawbacks, like several other types because of hardwood, tigerwood is also still an ideal choice for floor. It is important for somebody to consider a lot of the pros as well as cons of all of this wood before bringing in a final .