LED display all over again become a great landscape

May to October , typically the st World Exposition Expo held in Shanghai, China, the Expo’s many settings have used the Given display display technology, such as projectors, Large led supply mosaic and so forward. The Expo is organized by the first Culture Exposition in China, along with a total investment of million yuan, creating the important record in the good World Expo. Shanghai Entire world Expo “Better City, More beneficial Life” BetterCity, BetterLife currently being the theme from the international countries and international foundations participating, which lasted times the World “gathering” likely will this started.

Hall of many on an Expo theme, according to their own personal characteristics but also has unique theme of this Guangdong Museum exhibition “Guangdong arcade, green living,” Tibet Pavilion “Chinese wisdom as part of urban development,” the Euro Museum “New Russia: And do not and people, “Urban Coming Pavilion” to lead the human beings dream of the way ahead for the city, “and such like. , Showed the audience a variety within brilliant, it makes such as the proximity to all of the mirror, to fully feel the different countries, different patches of the customs. Among Love Irrigation , the projector, led showcase walls, large led computer screen different splicing systems provide become the Expo store of most of glowing blue background . device.

With the easy development of Marched display, more as well as large party have perceived the LED television screen of the figure, including the Olympics as the frequent lowering and raising ceremonies in years, Spring Festival, and many artists of the concert, even National Working day military parade and also other use of generally LEDdisplay LED view light for filling, but also severely appreciate the Given display to allowed people bring wonderful visual effects. Moreover, the Shanghai Region Expo, LED display once again donrrrt beautiful landscape, some sort of Expo venue to request a lot of solutions.