Round Butt Plug Medium White

The Rippled Glass Anal Teaser Will Pleasure Intermediate and Experts of Extensive Ass Stretching
? Smooth rounded body for unimaginable pleasures
? Long neck to hold the plug in position
? Flared base to prevent too deep penetration
This Rippled Glass Anal Teaser is designed to please extreme ass stretching enthusiasts. It has a round body which will need you to be generous with your water based lube when inserting this ergonomic butt plug. When inserting this plug, it is advisable to be in a relaxed or aroused mood and have much patience since the plug may take time before it comfortably fits in your anal canal.
After inserting this plug, you will fell ‘full’ and satisfied. It is designed to massage all the sweet spots in your anal canal and will give you Striped and Patterned Stockings intensified orgasms. The long neck is aimed at keeping the plug in position and to avoid unwanted travel. On the other hand, this plug has a flared base that prevents too deep penetration.
You can use the plug during solo play or with your partner but whichever way you decide to use it you are guaranteed to obtain maximum pleasures. After every use, clean the plug with warm soapy water and allow it to dry before storage.